FSU Opens Spring Season with Rout of UNF

The last time the Florida State played at home under the lights, they were victorious. This Saturday proved to be no different. The Seminoles kicked off the second half of the SIRC season with a bang as they came up with a bonus point, 54-24 win over the Ospreys of UNF. The backline excelled and showed incredible passing skill and pace in support. The scoring started immediately with Arturo San Segundo crashing through the middle of the defensive line for try in the seventh minute. Frazer Baron converted the kick and proceeded to score a try himself four minutes later, in what would be a spectacular night for him. UNF answered right back with a converted try of their own to make it a 14-7 contest. After breaking through the defensive line, the Ospreys were on their way to the try line with a full head of steam until they were derailed by Baron, who proceeded to poach the ball, counter kick, and find winger Anthony Soto for another try. On the ensuing UNF possession, outside center Evan Barada sniffed out at a pass and found the try zone giving the Seminoles a halftime lead of 28-7. The second half saw the forwards retaining possession and thus being rewarded. Robert Schrage carried defenders from five meters out for his second try of the season, and senior captain Jordan Lupton scooped a loose ball from the scrum to add two quick tries within the first ten minutes of the half. Soon after, both Frazer Baron and Anthony Soto showed that they were hungry for scoring as they went to the try zone for seconds, with Soto's second try coming off an impressive 80 meter break that saw him fending the last defender to the ground. UNF ended up putting up three tries in the last ten minutes to get themselves a competition bonus point. The Seminoles are set to host FIU this Saturday, February 18th with playoff implications at stake. 


Arturo San Segundo

Frazer Baron (2)

Anthony Soto (2)

Evan Barada

Robert Schrage

Jordan Lupton



Frazer Baron - 7/8