End of Year Award Finalists Announced

An incredible year for the Seminoles it has been. After finishing last year 1-5, the 'Noles turned it around in conference play going 5-3 and winning the SIRC championship. The season ended in Palo Alto as FSU fell to UC Davis in the program's first ever trip to the National Championship. Equally impressive was the development the club has seen in it's new members. "It got very competitive very late in the year, and we like to see that" said assistant coach Alex Bluteau. "When you have an emerging side that is as competitive as the top grade, success is bound to follow." 

FSU Rugby is proud to announce the finalists for the 2017 Player Awards. The awards will be handed out at this week’s Player Banquet.

Top Freshman Forward

David Alicea, Paul Lim, Timothy Ohlwein


Top Freshman Back

Dylan Cibelli, Tommy Murphy


 Most Improved Player

Alex Moya, Jake Nigro, Robert Schrage, Jake Tutan


O’Sullivan Award for Most Valuable Contribution

Colby Carinhas, James Copeland, Damien Maradona, Kevin Weber

Emerging Most Valuable Player

Frank Dwyer, Frankie Varona, Diego Veras


Most Valuable Player

Frazer Baron, Kody Boswell, Cameron Chadsey, Jordan Lupton, Damien Maradona, Alex Ruiz