Disappointing Road Trip Leads to Key Post-Season Advantage for the 'Noles

 On the first of February, the 'Noles started their season with a big win in the first inter-divisional match of the semester against Florida International University. The 'Noles, headed by captain Dan Burczak, scored a flurry of points in the first half, racking up 33 points within the first 40 minutes. Phillip Lack scored the first conference try of the season which was followed up by a link between Burczak and Brandon Quintana for a stylish underneath ball to put the 'Noles ahead early. After the half, the scoreline remained mostly stagnant as the Seminoles closed the game with a 33-10 victory. Other tries came off of Colby Carinhas, Joell Lemus, and Dan Burcazk with Austin Follos converting 4 of the 5.

      Ensuing the FIU game, the Seminoles headed down to Central Florida for a much anticipated match against the defending National Champions and division rival, the UCF Knights. Unfortunately however, there was a miscommunication between UCF captain and coach that lead to an absence of an official which cost the Knights a forfeiture of the game, putting the 'Noles atop of the SIRC Division and giving them a tremendous advantage in making the post season. Although there was not a First XV match, there was still much rugby to be played by the Emerging XV who put up an impressive win over UCF's second side in a muddy grudge match. The scoreline read 23 – 10 in favor of the Seminoles with key tries coming from Rusty Nordlund, Joell Lemus, Phillip Lack, and Colby Carinhas. Stout defense from Lemus inspired the 'Noles in such a defensive contest. When asked to Phillip Lack how the game went, his response: “'Bobby [Robert Estridge] and Joell [Lemus] both had a great physical game.'” Brian Thedy was also awarded a penalty kick good for 3 points.

     The 'Noles look to take on University of South Florida this upcoming weekend on Saturday, February 15 on their home turf at the Rec SportsPlex. It should be a competitive contest between the two SIRC opponents as USF is known to be physical around the breakdowns and consistent with keeping possession. The last time the two teams met was in Tampa, Florida where the 'Noles defeated the Bulls 57-15 in an outstanding regular season-ending performance that put them through to the post season. It is assured that USF will be searching for revenge and to prove that they are better than the previous scoreline shows.

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February 1, 2014

FSU First XV vs FIU
Final score: 33-10
Tries: Phillip Lack, Brandon Quintana, Colby Carinhas, Joell Lemus, Dan Burczak
Conversions: Austin Follos (4 of 5)
Penalties: Austin Follos (0 of 2)


February 8, 2014

FSU Emerging XV vs UCF Second XV
Final score: 23-5
Tries: Rusty Nordlund, Joell Lemus, Phillip Lack, Colby Carinhas
Conversions: Brian Thedy (0 of 4)
Penalties: Brian Thedy (1 of 1)